DUI Attorney Spokesperson

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This green screen spokesperson video uses a proven to convert script, and is ready to be easily chromakeyed

Some example scenarios that you can use this video for include:
  • Rebrand the video and sell it to your clients for whatever you like.
  • Rebrand the video and use it in your own promotions and business.
  • Use it for prospecting, or target a business and show them what you could do.
  • Rebrand the video and sell it on video submission sites.
  • Edit the video to create a niche video and market to different specific businesses.
  • Add it to your library of videos to grow or even start your video marketing business.
What You Get

A High Definition .mp4 green screen video file with no watermarks.


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Item Details

Date Created: 13/07/2015
File Format: MP4
Requires Any Video Player or Editor
File Size: 139Mb
Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate 29.97
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