Business Marketing Services

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This fresh and interesting video is perfect for promoting your service, business or website. This tasteful video template will give you that perfect piece of marketing video to bring in new clients or customers. Customize it as little or as much as you want and make it unique to you by placing your own text and images in the beginning or end of the video. Such as your URL, logo, Phone Number, Business Name, etc.

Some example scenarios that you can use this video for include:
  • Rebrand the video and sell it to your clients for whatever you like.
  • Rebrand the video and use it in your own promotions and business.
  • Use it for prospecting, or target a business and show them what you could do.
  • Rebrand the video and sell it on video submission sites.
  • Edit the video to create a niche video and market to different specific businesses.
  • Add it to your library of videos to grow or even start your video marketing business.


What You Get

A High Definition .mp4 video file with no watermarks.

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Item Details

Date Created: 27/05/2015
File Format: MP4
Requires Any Video Player or Editor
File Size: 300Mb
Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate 29.97

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