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You have all the cool new video creation software and tools, and you’ve even created a few great looking videos for different business categories, but re-selling it to clients and other video marketers, Well that’s another matter. That’s where we come in, We are the first and only marketplace in the world that gives you the oppourtunity to finally sell your video templates to other video marketers and businesses effortlessly and quickly.



Our Commission

While some marketplaces charge high commission fees and use complicated rate structures, we keep it simple and only charge a 30% Commission so you can sell your videos and keep more of the profits.

Paid to You

It’s easy, You get 70% of every sale of your item, paid instantly into your Paypal account as soon as a purchase is made, less the Paypal transaction fee . No more waiting months to request payments.


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How does it work

Uploading Items

When you upload your items for sales , they are stored securely on Amazons S3, and will be immediately available to the buyer after purchase. We recommend uploading files less than 100MB. In our experience, most short video files that are encoded as .mp4 deliver high quality video at sizes as small as 5MB. You can zip your file to make it easier to download. Alternatively, if you use a delivery service of your own like pro or Amazon S3, then simply provide the URL link to your file instead of actually uploading it.

Item Pricing

Our pricing structure is pretty simple and straight forward, You set your own prices but our moderators reserve the right to adjust all item prices submitted to the marketplace without notice as they see fit, so as to maintain the overall affordable pricing policy of the marketplace. The idea is to over delivery when it comes to the value the buyer gets. That being said, it is usually a good idea to price your items to sell. Most of our buyers are looking for, and expect to find the best deals on our marketplace, so let’s not let them down folks.

Item Approval Proccess

When you submit you item to our marketplace, it will go through an approval process. It will be checked for accuracy and the lot. If all checks out, it will be available for purchase on the marketplace, else you will get an email letting you know that you need to resubmit your item and what to update. We reserve the right to reject any item that we deem not a good fit for our buyers. These include but are not limited to items that you do not own the copyrights to resell, low quality items and any other reason we deem applicable.

Payment Schedule

If you have ever sold any non-tangible item on a marketplace before you would realize that typically sellers are usually paid 30 to 60 days after a sales is made. Sometimes even up to a 90 days waiting period. Well, that doesn’t happen here. Once a sale is made, you actually get paid even before we do. The system actually processes buyer payments directly into your account and then automatically pays us too from your account. This allows you to get the buyers emails and buyer information as well as getting paid instantly

Why Sell With Us

As a video professional, you probably have tons of video templates that you have created over the time, just wasting away on your hard drive somewhere. Well, this is your chance to finally start earning some money with them.


    We’re not big on exclusive agreements and stuff like that … You can sell your videos templates anywhere else you like, no strings attached. It’s your video, why should we tell you where to sell it.


    We are video marketers and producers too and know the struggles you face. We promote your videos. Listen to you and work with you. We are not some gigantic evil media company that doesn’t care.


    Our payment rate is higher than the industry standard. Plus, payments are processed instantly to your account. As video producers ourselves, it should go without saying that great work deserves awesome instant compensation.